We would really like you to become a DMFED member. This will cost you the modest sum of £14 p.a.. By using our 'membership concessions' you could get your membership fee back in cost savings in no time at all. So please do join us - we think its well worth it - but we would say that wouldn't we!.

Why join?

Nowadays times are hard for most people but for people with a disability and their carers they can seem even worse.

The effects of PIP

Independent living - The Blue Badge Scheme, Motability, suitable vehicles, travel/holidays, adapting the home, etc.

Job certainty is a thing of the past but carers in employment can be particularly disadvantaged because of their caring requirements

Those are just a few of the concerns that we try to alleviate.

We use this website you are viewing to (hopefully) provide useful information, highlight issues, resolve questions and be of benefit to anybody who uses it.

We visit, give talks and presentations to many organisations (governmental, commercial, charities, etc.) to enlighten, encourage and, where necessary, exhort and cajole them to:

understand the everyday concerns of our members

to try and ensure legislation, policies, work practices, facilities match the needs of the people they affect

to work together

All of the above takes people, time, expertise and money. Unlike many charities our people provide their time and expertise for free none of the membership fees are spent on salaries or wages.

We do not spend money on:

As mentioned above, salaries or wages. All our people are unpaid volunteers.

Offices or cars.

Advertising (We are very grateful to those organisations, websites and publications that do give us a mention).

Fundraising organisations or the dreaded 'chuggers'.

We do not sell or pass on information gleaned from the website (e.g. email addresses)

Where does the money go?

The only fixed costs we have are the annual website domain name and hosting along with the quarterly publication and distribution of our magazine.

Our variable costs are expenses. All of the expenses have to be pre-agreed and signed for prior to being given. Our main expense is involved with attending those important exhibitions, meetings and seminars held all over the UK. Without us attending those meetings etc. we cannot get our voice heard, your points of view will not be recognised, decisions will be made without the full facts, we (and therefore our members) will not be aware of the latest developments in the disability and caring areas. We also have incidental expenses concerned with producing leaflets, handouts, sending letters etc., and replenishing consummables such as printer paper and inks.

Help us to help all the disabled and their carers by becoming a DMFED member.